Sentence Examples

  • Von Trautvetter, Rossiae Arcticae Plantae (1880), and Florae Rossicae Fontes (St Petersburg, 1880).
  • Own collection or the Imperial vivarium at Vienna - was at the pains to print at Pavia in his miscellaneous Deliciae Florae et Faunae Insubricae a Specimen Zoologicum 1 containing diagnoses, duly named, of the birds discovered and described by Sonnerat in his.
  • Lange, " Conspectus florae Groenlandicae," Meddelelser om Gronland, part iii.
  • The publication of his Prodromus Florae Novae Hollandiae (in 1810), according to the natural method, led the way to the adoption of that method in the -universities and schools of Britain.
  • Markham (London, 1908); Illustrationes florae insularum Balearium, by M.

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