Sentence Examples

  • He had a dogma of his own - one founded, according to his German expositors, on the views of the Neoplatonists, of which a few disjointed specimens must here suffice.
  • It has passed through many editions, has been translated into German and into English, and is still one of the books most valued by expositors of the New Testament.
  • His historic fame came from the Christian Schoolmen, whom he almost initiated into the system of Aristotle, and who, but vaguely discerning the expositors who preceded, admired in his commentaries the accumulated results of two centuries of labours.
  • He is nowhere original, and nowhere profound, but his strong reasoning power, his faculty of clear arrangement and forcible statement, place him in the first rank of expositors and advocates.
  • The Talmud also makes " credible details which many Christian expositors have been rather inclined to dispute.

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