Sentence Examples

  • He'd been Damian's most trusted executioner for thousands of years.
  • The executioner from the corner emerged from the shadows and took her arms.
  • The Heruli remained heathen until the overthrow of their kingdom, and retained many striking primitive customs. When threatened with death by disease or old age, they were required to call in an executioner, who stabbed them on the pyre.
  • 1739), public executioner of Paris from 1788 to 1795, was the son of Charles Sanson or Longval, who received in 1688 the office of executeur des hautes oeuvres de Paris, which became hereditary in his family.
  • The same day all her reputed lovers were executed; and on the 19th she herself suffered death on Tower Green, her head being struck off with a sword by the executioner of Calais brought to England for the purpose.'