Sentence Examples

  • Other notable examples of this style are the Palazzo Ariani at San Raffaelle, with its handsome window in a design of intersecting circles; the beautiful window with the symbols of the four Evangelists in the spandrils, in the facade of a house at San Stae; the row of three Giustinian palaces at S.
  • " In one respect alone," says Matthew Arnold, " have the miracles recorded by the evangelists a more real ground than the mass of miracles of which we have the relation.
  • By 50 m., and there is a membership of 1731 and an efficient institution for training teachers, evangelists and artisans.
  • Bell, Lives and Legends of the Evangelists, Apostles and other early Saints (London, 1901), pp. 238-240.
  • He may, also, in part be thinking of those indications which he - and he alone among the evangelists - has given of the points in the course of secular history at which Jesus was born and the Baptist began to preach (ii.