Sentence Examples

  • The relation between nudism and eugenics was complex, and use of an aesthetic discourse is no simple marker of eugenic thought or of fascism.
  • He continues to be credited as an influential contributor to science, especially in the areas of evolution, humanism and even eugenics, which has always been an extremely controversial topic and continues to be so.
  • Caleb Saleeby, for example, was a fervent advocate of nudism, heliotherapy, and eugenics (he was Chairman of the National Birthrate Commission and author of a number of books on eugenics).
  • Nudist writing intersected with a raft of other modern discourses-heliotherapy (sun-cure), sexology, socialism, feminism, and eugenics.
  • The questions raised by these considerations have attracted much public attention under the newly invented name of " eugenics," but they are of an exceedingly difficult and delicate nature.