Sentence Examples

  • 1 The study of Oriental ethnology in the light of history is still very incomplete, but the regular trend of events points to a mixture of races from the south (the home of the Semites) and the north.
  • Writers on the ethnology of Italy have been hitherto content with the first, namely, the broad distinction.
  • S.) Ethnology Asia, including its outlying islands, has become the dwelling-place of all the great families into which the races of men have been divided.
  • See Colonel Dalton's Ethnology of Bengal, 1872.
  • He has brought together, in the Bureau of American Ethnology in Washington, many hundreds of manuscripts, written by travellers, traders, missionaries, and scholars; and, better still, in response to circulars, carefully prepared vocabularies, texts and long native stories have been written out by trained collectors.