Sentence Examples

  • The decoration of mitres was characterized by increasing elaboration as time went on.
  • Shaftesbury took great pains in the elaboration of his style, and he succeeded so far as to make his meaning transparent.
  • The highest point of elaboration in colour, pattern and form is shown by the great eye-painted tail feathers.
  • It is Dohrn's merit to have pointed out 1 that this assumption is not warranted, and that degeneration or progressive simplification of structure may have, and in many lines certainly has, taken place, as well as progressive elaboration and in other cases continuous maintenance of the status quo.
  • Bishop Stubbs belongs to the front rank of historical scholars both as an author and a critic. Among Englishmen at least he excels all others as a master of every department of the historian's work, from the discovery of materials to the elaboration of wellfounded theories and literary production.