Sentence Examples

  • Fifty thousand boys and girls were persuaded by some pestilent dreamers that their childish innocence would effect what their immoral fathers had failed to accomplish, and so left their homes on an expedition to capture the Holy Land.
  • Parties, the Aifonsistas, who wished for the restoration of the queens son with a regency, the partisans .of the widower king consort of Portugal; those of the duke of Montpensier; the Canlists; and a few purely fantastic dreamers who would have given the crown to the aged Espartero.
  • By the midpoint of the twentieth century, America's dreamers were preoccupied with the future—and not just any old future, but the great and glorious future that seemed inevitable.
  • Goethe, the cosmopolitan Weltbierger of the 18th century, had himself no very intense feelings of patriotism, and, having seen Germany flourish as a group of small states under enlightened despotisms, he had little confidence in the dreamers of 1813 who hoped to see the glories of Barbarossa's empire revived.
  • Zangwill has a brilliant sketch of Sabbatai's career in his Dreamers of the Ghetto.