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Another word for diviner

  1. A person who foretells future events by or as if by supernatural means

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Another word for diviner

      1. A person, especially a woman, claiming or popularly believed to possess magical powers and practice sorcery.
      2. A believer or follower of Wicca; a Wiccan.
      3. An old woman considered to be ugly or frightening.
      1. One who practices sorcery; a wizard.
      1. One that sees:
      2. A clairvoyant.
      3. A prophet.
      1. A person who speaks by divine inspiration or as the interpreter through whom the will of a god is expressed.
      2. One of the highest-ranking leaders of the Mormon church, considered by the faithful to be divinely inspired, and responsible for establishing and revising doctrine.
      3. A person gifted with profound moral insight and exceptional powers of expression.