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Another word for dirge

      1. An outward expression of sorrow; lamentation; wail
      2. A feeling or expression of grief; a lamentation.
      3. A literary or musical composition, as an elegy or dirge, mourning some death or calamity
      1. A poem or song of lament and praise for the dead, as Shelley's “Adonais”
      2. Any poem, song, etc. in a mournfully contemplative tone
      3. A poem or song composed especially as a lament for a deceased person.
      1. (Roman Catholic Church) A mass for a deceased person.
      2. A musical setting for this; also, any musical service, hymn, or dirge for the dead
      3. (R.C.Ch.) A Mass for one or more deceased persons
      1. An end or a cessation of existence.
      2. (--- Archaic) The eulogy delivered or the sermon preached at such a ceremony.
      3. A ceremony or group of ceremonies held in connection with the burial or cremation of a dead person.
      1. The third month of the year, having 31 days
      2. The distance covered within a certain period of time by moving or progressing steadily and rhythmically:
      3. A regulated pace:
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