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Another word for dillydally

      1. To move unsteadily back and forth:
      2. To move in a certain direction with a swaying or unsteady motion:
      3. To exhibit irresolution or indecision; vacillate:
      1. To be unable to choose between different courses of action or opinions; waver:
      2. To change between one state and another; fluctuate:
      3. To sway from one side to the other.
      1. To play amorously; flirt:
      2. To consider or occupy oneself with something in a careless or unserious fashion; toy.
      3. To dawdle, delay, or linger:
      1. To take more time than necessary:
      2. To move aimlessly or lackadaisically:
      3. To waste (time) by idling: