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Another word for delineative

  1. Serving to describe

      1. Involving or characterized by description; serving to describe.
      2. (--- Gram.) Designating an adjective that indicates a quality or condition of the person or thing named by the word it modifies
      3. (Linguistics) Of or relating to the study or the description of a language or a specific stage of a language, with emphasis on constructing a grammar without regard to historical development, comparison with other languages, or advocated norms for correct or proper usage.
      1. Written, inscribed, or recorded in letters of the alphabet, meaningful symbols, etc.
      2. Of, relating to, or represented by a graph:
      3. Depicted or described in vivid detail:
      1. Being an example or type of a certain class or kind of thing; typical
      2. Composed of persons duly authorized, as by election, to act and speak for others
      3. Authorized to act as an official delegate or agent.
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