Sentence Examples

  • For cool and sustained declamation he stood unrivalled in parliament, and his readiness in debate was universally acknowledged.
  • Cobden did the reasoning, Bright supplied the declamation, but like Demosthenes he mingled argument with appeal.
  • The latter part of the essay is remarkable for its fervid presentment of the charms of scenery and for vigorous declamation against the follies and a crimes of ambitious men.
  • Several years after the death of Socrates the sophist Polycrates composed a declamation against him, to which Lysias replied.
  • In literature and oratory he was more distinguished, receiving a Boylston prize for declamation, and two Bowdoin prizes for dissertations, the first essay being on "The Character of Socrates" and the second on "The Present State of Ethical Philosophy" - both rather dull, formal, didactic productions.