Sentence Examples

  • With the assistance of their legal representation, they determine allocution of debts, division of assets, custody of minor children, and other important issues.
  • The elder begins a fresh allocution by citing Matt.
  • Just as at the third scrutiny the early catechumen passed a last examination in the Gospels, Creed and Lord's Prayer, so after their year of abstinence the credens receives creed and prayer; the allocution with which the elder "handed on" this prayer is preserved, and of it the Abbe Guiraud remarks that, if it were not in a Cathar ritual, one might believe it to be of Catholic origin.
  • The pope, in an allocution of 22nd June 1868, declared that these " damnable and abominable laws " which were " contrary to the concordat, to the laws of the Church and to the principles of Christianity," were " absolutely and for ever null and void."
  • In the first constitutional cabinet, presided over by Cardinal Antonelli, Minghetti held the portfolio of public works, but after the allocution by Pius IX.