Sentence Examples

  • Not that I can tell, but we didn't get into details about her dealings with Darkyn.
  • "Leave the dealings of deities to the deities," he whispered.
  • Sarah, your stock dealings have outperformed the market every year since 1933, of course you're going to be investigated.
  • All Darkyn had to do was wait and watch for his opportunity.  While he did so, he had a new plan: To pursue a certain deity who'd left her position to her lover.  In all his dealings with Immortals and mortals, Darkyn long ago learned the weakness Immortals and mortals had for a beautiful woman.  Gabriel would be no different.
  • While the lawyer's death did nothing to undo the damage his note had caused to Cynthia, it at least eliminated her need for any further dealings with the miscreant.