Sentence Examples

  • I called in the DC Sector for support as well.
  • My sister is expecting me to call and then to actually show up in DC in the next week.
  • (b) Two thin lenses in contact: let 4) i and 4) 2 be the powers corresponding to the lenses of refractive indices n i and n 2 and radii r' 1, r" i, and r' 2, r" 2 respectively; let 4) denote the total power, and dc/), 2 the changes of 4), n l, and n 2 with the colour.
  • They reached the trendy teahouse in the wealthy section of DC, Hannah still talking about Paris fashions.
  • Edinburgi, ex ofjicina Andreae Hart Bibliopolae, CID.DC.XIV.