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Another word for cumber

  1. To place a burden or heavy load on

      1. To treat (thread or fabric) with a solution of metallic salts, in order to increase its weight
      2. (Sports) To assign to (a horse) the weight it must carry as a handicap in a race.
      3. (Statistics) To assign a weight to in a frequency distribution
      1. To accuse; charge
      2. To require to pay a percentage of income, property value, etc. for the support of a government
      3. To assess a tax on (income, property, purchases, etc.)
      1. To impose as a burden, obligation, etc.
      2. To get into a saddle; mount a horse. Often used with up.
      3. To load or burden; encumber:
      1. (Games) To make (dice) heavier on one side by adding weight.
      2. To weigh down with or as with a heavy load; burden; oppress
      3. To receive a charge of ammunition
      1. To load with or as if with cargo.
      2. To burden or oppress; weigh down.
      3. To load
      1. To transport as or send by freight
      2. To load with freight
      3. To load; burden
      1. To hold back the motion or action of, as with a burden; hinder; hamper
      2. To add a legal claim or other obligation
      3. To load or weigh down, as with claims, debts, etc.; burden
      1. (Electricity) To cause formation of a net electric charge on or in (a conductor, for example).
      2. (--- Sports) To bump (an opponent) so as to knock off balance or gain control of the ball, as in soccer.
      3. To hold financially liable; demand payment from:
      1. To put a burden on; load; weigh down; oppress
      2. To load or overload.
      3. To cause difficulty or distress to; distress or oppress.
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