Sentence Examples

  • No matter your level of craftiness, it is possible to find the perfect fish for your son or daughter.
  • Or you can devise something with a bit of craftiness.
  • No matter what your personal level of craftiness, there are plenty of ways to creating some unique baby items yourself right at home.
  • The kings choice, however, fell on Hajji Mirza Aghasi, a native of Erivan, who in former years, as tutor to the Sons of Abbas Mirza, had gained a certain reputation for learning and a smattering of the occult sciences, but whose qualifications for statesmanship were craftiness and suspicion.
  • Patriotism, insight, courage, statesmanship, energy, - these great qualities were indisputably his; but unfortunately they were vitiated by obstinacy, suspicion and a sulky craftiness, beneath which simmered a very volcano of revengeful cruelty.