Sentence Examples

  • Do you ever miss the countryside? she asked.
  • Edward was able to occupy many towns and castles, but the broken bands of the insurgents lurked in the hills and forests, and the Countryside as a whole remained unsubdued.
  • The towns would seem to have fared better than the countryside, partly indeed at its expense, for the discontented peasantry migrated in large numbers to the centres of population where newly-developed manufactures were calling for more hands.
  • In the countryside the insurrection was accompanied by wholesale burnings of manor-rolls, the hunting down of unpopular bailiffs and landlords, and a special crusade against the commissioners of the poll-tax and the justices who had been enforcing the Statute of Laborers.
  • But Bolingbroke had already seized Chester, and was marching against him at the head of such a large army that the countryside refused to stir.