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Another word for couch

  1. To convey in language or words of a particular form

      1. To express in particular words
      1. To force the purchase of (a stock or commodity) by exercising a put option.
      2. To adapt:
      3. (Sports) To hurl with an overhand pushing motion:
      1. To express in a certain way, as by selecting particular words to make a phrase
      2. To combine (notes) in a phrase.
      3. (Music) To perform a passage with the correct phrasing.
      1. To work out or form in one's mind; devise, develop, contrive, etc.
      2. To express in systematic terms or concepts.
      3. To reduce to, or express in, a formula; to put in a clear and definite form of statement or expression.
      1. To send by express
      2. To get by pressure; elicit by force; extort
      3. To put into words; represent by language; state
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Another word for couch