Sentence Examples

  • Among the Reformers were, of course, Martin Luther and most of his German collaborators; the Swiss Zwingli, Bullinger, Farel and Calvin; the English Latimer, John Bradford, John Jewel; the Scot John Knox.
  • Among his collaborators were James Ussher, John Lightfoot and Edward Pococke, Edmund Castell, Abraham Wheelocke and Patrick Young.
  • It was socially significant that he and his political collaborators were drawn of the stock of newly emancipated peasants.
  • The work of Father Anselme, his collaborators and successors, is even more important for the history of France than is Dugdale's Baronage of England for the history of England.
  • Of Pertz and his collaborators, there are several collections devoted specially to the sources of Austrian history.