Sentence Examples

  • If you love going out and having a great time clubbing, then plus size club dresses are an easy way to look put-together and attractive, whether you're spending time with friends or looking to meet someone.
  • Therefore the wedding ring that will be worn out clubbing in the early days of marriage, in future years may also be worn when nursing a baby, digging a garden, or playing with grandchildren.
  • The Cami Secret is essentially a piece of fabric, typically outfitted with a lace trim, that converts your super low nighttime clubbing shirts into respectable work fare.
  • For unknown reasons, recurrent respiratory infections lead to digital clubbing, in which the last joint of the fingers and toes becomes slightly enlarged.
  • NYC Prep is a reality show on Bravo that chronicles the controversial clubbing, dining and dating habits of a group of privileged New York teenagers.