Sentence Examples

  • The ends of the long bones of the arms and legs appear widened and thickened (clubbed).
  • This is a somewhat heterogeneous group, most of whose members are characterized by clubbed feelers and simple, unbroadened tarsal segments - usually five on each foot - but in some familie andenera the males have less than the normal number on the feet of one pair.
  • They have eleven segments to the feeler, which is clubbed at the tip, and apparently three segments only in each foot.
  • The animal was then clubbed, its throat cut and the altar sprinkled with its blood.
  • ANT-LION, the name given to neuropterous insects of the family Myrmeleonidae, with relatively short and apically clubbed antennae and four large densely reticulated wings in which the apical veins enclose regular oblong spaces.