Sentence Examples

  • She was the reigning queen of modern Bollywood choreography.
  • Dancers are athletes, and cheerleading motions are often a mix of dance, aerobics and gymnastics, so it is very important for cheerleaders to focus just as much on their physical prowess as their choreography during training.
  • However, in today's marching bands, even the traditionally static members - such as the bass drum or the flutists - have fairly extreme choreography to perform as part of the band's performance, especially at football games.
  • With music by the incomparable Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky and choreography that combined classical romantic ballet, character and folk dances, it was an instant success and remains one of the most popular ballets in the world.
  • Choreographed by David Paden to the LeAnn Rimes song, this dance was created in 1999, and followed the trend of many dance teachers publishing their own choreography in various publications such as Line Dancer magazine.