Sentence Examples

  • Before you get started on a new exercise plan, talk to your doctor and get a checkup so you know there's nothing you need to take into consideration (such as an old injury or a health condition) that may impair your ability to exercise.
  • If you have a cat over three years old and have never had their teeth cleaned by your vet, I first suggest you should go for a well DDS checkup and see what your dentist has to say.
  • Make sure to take him to the vet's for a checkup and all shots before you allow him to associate with your other household pets, just in case he might have an infectious disease.
  • Displayed in pounds, this chart is also a good one to print out and place dots on it each time your child has a checkup so that you can watch your child's growth chart develop.
  • Many people without insurance will delay going to the doctor or the dentist because they feel they cannot pay for a checkup, so health issues continue to worsen over time.