Sentence Examples

  • First published by Milton Bradley as The Checkered Game of Life in 1860, the well-known classic version of the Game of Life was developed in 1960 to celebrate Milton Bradley's centennial anniversary.
  • It was originally titled "The Checkered Game of Life" and featured a simplistic checkerboard that represented the basic milestones of life - college, jobs, marriages, children and retirement.
  • If you don't care about having a white cake and want to feature some major color and style in your dessert, have a decorator screen a paisley or checkered pattern onto your cake.
  • Malice in Wonderland: A nice twist on the classic Alice costume, it's a black satin dress with a corset style white apron, crinoline and black and white checkered leggings.
  • Start by purchasing an assortment of race cars, and add a checkered pair of socks or hat, a bubble bath with a race car theme, and perhaps a toy steering wheel or an anticipated race car game for his favorite video gaming system.