Sentence Examples

  • We should use a syntax checker for a start.
  • Any time one must translate English to French, a few key tools are good to have on hand: an English-French dictionary, a French monolingual dictionary, and a computer program with spelling and grammar checker in both English and French.
  • Star Office adds some proprietary fonts and clip arts, an improved spell checker, improved reading and writing of MS Office documents and technical support. all this costs $69 - $89 depending on the version.
  • If you're not sure how the color will look, just enter the HTML code into the HTML checker and get a first-hand glimpse of the color, font, and style to see if it is really right for your site.
  • When a player successfully moves his piece all the way to the last row of his opponent’s side of the checkerboard, the piece becomes a king and another checker is placed on top of it.