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Another word for catapult

      1. A medieval missile launcher designed on the principle of the crossbow.
      2. A medieval crossbow consisting of a steel bow set crosswise in a wooden shaft with a mechanism to bend the bow: it propelled arrows, balls, or stones
      1. A medieval engine of war powered by a counterweight and used to hurl large stones and other missiles
      2. A medieval catapult for hurling heavy stones, often employing a long sling.
      1. An ancient and medieval engine of warfare, usually having a design similar to a crossbow, used to hurl heavy projectiles.
      1. A Y-shaped stick having an elastic strap attached to the prongs, used for flinging small stones.
      2. A Y-shaped piece of wood, metal, etc. with an elastic band or bands attached to the upper tips for shooting stones, etc.
      1. A primitive instrument for throwing stones, etc., consisting of a piece of leather tied to cords that are whirled by hand for releasing the missile
      2. A strap of a shoe that fits over the heel.
      3. A slingshot.