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Another word for bureau

  1. An office of division

      1. A long flat slab of sawed lumber; a plank.
      2. A blackboard.
      3. A bulletin board.
      1. The power to enforce laws, exact obedience, command, determine, or judge.
      2. One that is invested with this power, especially a government or body of government officials:
      3. Power assigned to another; authorization:
      1. A principal administrative division of a government:
      2. A division of a business specializing in a particular product or service:
      3. A division of a school or college dealing with a particular field of knowledge:
      1. The condition of being in action; operation.
      2. The means or mode of acting; instrumentality.
      3. A business with agents that negotiate deals for clients:
  2. Chest of drawers