Sentence Examples

  • Even though Shiseido is known for its non-irritating products, nothing causes a breakout faster than additional layers or touch-ups of makeup being added to oily skin that has taken in the environmental elements of the day.
  • The breakout personality of the entire season was Khalood, due to her bigoted and biased comments towards the women as well as her controlling attitude towards her son.
  • The series, dubbed a romantic comedy, is a whimsical ''Freaky Friday'' where both mind and intelligence are merged into the body of breakout performer Brooke Elliot.
  • Even in the face of controversy and hectic schedules, Miley is still trying to expand her name recognition; hence her first solo album (debuting in 2008), Breakout.
  • Anyone who saw Wedding Crashers will likely remember it in great part due to Fisher's breakout performance as an aggressive, sex-obsessed young nymphomaniac.