Sentence Examples

  • The act is a blueprint for companies to govern their financial activities.As a result of this act, ethical awareness in the workplace has risen as well as scrutiny from governing officials.
  • The Star Trek LCARS Blueprints Database is one of the largest starship blueprint databases on the net, with an impressive collection of over 3,000 blueprint sheets.
  • Additionally, these fans are constantly posting images and Starship blueprint links throughout the forum, so searching the forum for what you're looking for could turn up some excellent results.
  • Whether you want to get inside the head of this amazing artist of simply inspire yourself to move forward in her career path or need help designing your own tattoo, this unique book will serve as a blueprint for industry fans.
  • The key to understanding an Aries man requires you to flush out all of the different pieces that go into the Aries man's signature blueprint; his boldness, sense of adventure and zeal for life.