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Another word for blitzkrieg

  1. A swift advance or attack

      1. Expense; cost:
      2. The command to attack:
      3. A claim of wrongdoing; an accusation:
      1. The act or an instance of rushing; specif., an eager movement of many people, as to do something or to get to a place
      2. An anxious and eager movement to get to or from a place:
      3. The intensely pleasurable sensation experienced immediately after use of a stimulant or a mind-altering drug.
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Another word for blitzkrieg

      1. (Football) A sudden charge by a defensive backfield player through a gap in the line in an effort to tackle the opposing quarterback
      2. A concentrated effort, intensive campaign, etc.
      3. A sudden, destructive attack, as by aircraft or tanks
      1. An attempt by speculators to drive stock prices down by coordinated selling.
      2. A predatory operation mounted against a competitor, especially an attempt to lure away the personnel or membership of a competing organization.
      3. A sudden, hostile attack, esp. by troops, military aircraft, etc., or by armed, usually mounted, bandits intent on looting
      1. The concluding stage of an attack in which close combat occurs with the enemy.
      2. A strong or cutting verbal attack.
      3. The close-combat phase of an attack
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