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Another word for bequest

      1. Money or property given to another by will.
      2. Something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor or from the past:
      3. An individual who is either an applicant to an educational institution or a matriculated student and is the child of an alumna or alumnus.
      1. The act of endowing.
      2. Funds or property donated to an institution, individual, or group as a source of income.
      3. A natural gift, ability, or quality.
      1. A landed property, usually of considerable size.
      2. One's property, both real and personal, vested and contingent, especially as disposed of in a will.
      3. The nature and extent of an owner's rights with respect to land or other property.
      1. The action of inheriting something:
      2. Something inherited or to be inherited:
      3. Something regarded as a heritage: