Sentence Examples

  • The art association of Indianapolis was founded in 1883; and under its auspices is conducted an art school (1902) in accordance with the bequest of John Herron (1817-1895), the school and museum of the association being housed in the John Herron Art Institute, dedicated in 1906.
  • Towards the close of the 14th century all the separate portions had come by inheritance or bequest into the hands of Rudolph IV.
  • The institution owes its origin to a bequest left by John McDonogh.
  • According to Aubrey, Selden left him an equal bequest, but this seems to be a mistake.
  • The Cassie Gift arose out of a bequest by Alexander Cassie of London, a native of Banff, who left £ 20,000 to the poor of the town - the interest being divided twice a year.