Sentence Examples

  • _ .?, Niliols +?'?khu r i Ay?, N ?0° n 9 L j Khailar Scale, r :25,000,000 English Miles o iao 0 ' N,kgt hydrographical network is very imperfectly known, especially in the uninhabited hilly tracts.'
  • 32 ax l ay 2 ax2ay1' which, operating upon any polar, causes it to vanish.
  • Uo; 4, 1=0=f.; where u 0 =1, u1=o, assume that tfik = (af) k ay -k = f.
  • Ukx(n-2) � Taking the first polar with regard to y (n - k) (a f) xa x -k-l ay+ k (af) k-l ay -k (ab) (n -1) b12by n kn-2k-1 n-1 k(n-2) =k(n- 2)a u x u5+nax ayux and, writing f 2 and -f l for y1 and 3,21 (n-k)(a f) k+ta i k-1 + k (n - 1)(ab)(a f) k-1 (b f)4 1 k by-2 = (uf)u xn-2k-1?
  • The simultaneous system of two quadratic forms ai, ay, say f and 0, consists of six forms, viz.