Sentence Examples

  • Wide between Capes Hicacos in Cuba and Arenas in Florida (Key West being a little over i oo m.
  • Once more Wellington turned his right, by a sweeping movement through Rocamunde and Puente Arenas near the source of the Ebro, when he retreated behind the Zadorra near the town of Vitoria.
  • Party first in a small steamer from South Georgia, then in a trawler from Montevideo, then in a little motor schooner from Punta Arenas, all of which were driven back by the ice floes near the South Shetlands, and finally in the " Yelcho," a tug from Punta Arenas, in which he reached the island on Aug.
  • The soil is of very varying nature, and consists in some districts of the so-called albariza (mainly chalk with some sand and clay), in others of barros, which is mainly sand cemented together with chalk and clay, and of arenas, which consists of nearly pure sand.
  • Midway of them is situated Punta Arenas, the most southern town and port of the republic.