Sentence Examples

  • Work was carried out at various scales, from regional reconnaissance surveys or appraisal, to the drilling of a geochemical or geophysical anomaly.
  • There will be a boycott of staff appraisal by all staff who participate in any form of staff performance appraisal.
  • By the same token, an over-valued appraisal might result in selling problems due to an over-inflated selling price as well as possibly resulting in paying too much for insurance premiums since the coverage is based on the appraised value.
  • If neither of these options are sufficient for your appraisal needs, and the company or individual requesting the appraisal (if other than yourself) will not supply the appraisal, then you may have to pay for the appraisal inspection.
  • Not many lenders are willing to lend more money than what the appraisal says the home is worth, although if you're willing to pay a higher interest rate and more fees you can find lenders who will loan more than the appraisal amount.