Sentence Examples

  • The three cells at the opposite end are known as antipodal cells and become invested with a cell-wall.
  • These two men, antipodal in temperament and political belief, clashed in irreconcilable hostility, and in the conflict of public sentiment, first on the financial measures of Hamilton, and then on the questions with regard to France and Great Britain, Jefferson's sympathies being predominantly with the former, Hamilton's with the latter, they formed about themselves the two great parties of Democrats and Federalists.
  • +1~ ii 1n a, Antipodal cell; sp, polar nuclei; eing e sma er.
  • The antipodal cells aid more or less in the process of nutrition of the developing embryo, and may undergo multiplication, though they ultimately disintegrate, as do also the synergidae.
  • The synergidae in species of Mimosa, Iris and Allium, and in the last-mentioned the antipodal cells also.