Sentence Examples

  • His annotations on the Psalms are especially interesting for the polemical excursuses directed against the Christian interpretation.
  • Quentin has produced some interesting but not convincing evidence to show that the MS. was used in Lyons in the 12th century, and Rendel Harris at one time thought that there were traces of Gallicism in the Latin, but the latter's more recent researches go to show that the corrections and annotations varying in date between the 7th and 12th centuries point to a district which was at first predominantly Greek and afterwards became Latin.
  • In 1847 Sara Coleridge published the Biographia Literaria, enriched with annotations and biographical supplement from her own pen.
  • Gardiner, with brief biographical sketch and annotations on seven sermons, one of which had not previously been published.
  • Among his other works are his Annotationes in Biblia (1607), of which an English translation (Pious and Learned Annotations upon the Holy Bible) was published in London in 1648, and various polemical treatises, such as De fictitio Pontificiorum Purgatorio (1619); De justa secessione Reformatorum ab Ecclesia Romana (1628); De Antichristo, &c. He also published French translations of Sarpi's History of the Council of Trent, and of Edwin Sandys's Account of the State of Religion in the West.