Sentence Examples

  • It was surreal humor derived from teenage angst.
  • Rather than showboating her popularity and talent, Miley Stewart conceals her performance personality in order to lead a normal life, with all the teen angst and problems it presents.
  • The cast of High School Musical returns in this summer sequel to tell another tale of teen angst and antics, but instead of homework they are getting their hands dirty with a little work at Sharpay and Ryan's family's country club.
  • The titular Meredith Grey experiences a great deal of angst in her relationships including lover McDreamy was married, her mother Ellis suffers from Alzheimer's, father Thatcher abandoned her.
  • Typically a problem required a technological or clever solution and his heroes (which were, in the beginning, uniformly male) figured it out with a minimum of emotional angst and saved the day.