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Another word for against

  1. Counter to

  2. In contact with

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  3. Opposite

      1. Having the same or nearly the same relationship.
      2. Accompanying another:
      3. Having been assigned the responsibility of written communications:
      1. Side by side:
      2. Up to date:
      1. (phonetics, phonology) A process whereby a vowel or a consonant is pronounced farther to the front of the vocal tract than some reference point.
      2. (phonology) A phonological relationship where a front vowel is found in place of a relative back vowel in an inflected form of a word.
      3. (linguistics) An analogous relationship between the vowel sounds in a dialect of a language relative to the language standard or an earlier form of the language.
      1. A piece of material sewn to the edge of a garment, such as a dress or coat, as lining or decoration.
      2. Material used for such a lining or decoration.
      3. An outer layer or coating applied to a surface for protection or decoration.
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