Sentence Examples

  • Consenting to wed Donna Beatriz de Guzman, illegitimate daughter of Alphonso X., and to hold Algarve as a fief of Castile.
  • Having become enamoured of Attis, Agdistis struck him with frenzy as he was about to wed the king's daughter, with the result that he deprived himself of manhood and died.
  • Our lord even chose the man I was to wed, another lesser servant in need of wife.
  • Chalais was beheaded at Nantes in 1626 for having upheld Gaston of Orleans in his refusal to wed Mademoiselle de Montpensier, and Marshal dOrnano died at Vincennes for having given him bad advice in this matter; while the duelist de Boutteville was put to the torture for having braved the edict against duels.
  • It lasted Fronde four years, for motives often as futile as the Grande (1648 Mademoiselles ambition to wed little Louis XIV.,

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