Sentence Examples

  • In 1074 the Cid was wedded to Ximena, daughter of the count of Oviedo, and granddaughter, by the mother's side, of Aiphonso V.
  • So Gunnar and Brunhild were wedded, and Sigurd, resuming his own form, rode back with them to Giuki's court where the double marriage was celebrated.
  • But by the help of Poseidon, who lent him winged steeds, or of Oenomaus's charioteer Myrtilus, whom he or Hippodameia bribed, Pelops was victorious in the race, wedded Hippodameia, and became king of Pisa (Hyginus, Fab.
  • When the rising was well started Warwick declared his sympathy with the, aims of the insurgents, wedded his daughter to Clarence despite the kings prohibition of the match, and raised a force at Calais with which he landed in Kent, But his plot was already successful before he reached the scene of operations.
  • Godwine, whose flamid, daughter had wedded the king, was the most forcible and ambitious of the three, but his pre-eminence provoked a general league against him and in 1o51 he was cast out of the kingdom with his sons.

What's another word for wedded?

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