Sentence Examples

  • The sacristy contains a carved wooden nuptial chest of the 10th or i ith century.
  • They are relatively shorter and broader insects than the Embiidae with large prothorax and long wings, which have a transverse line of weakness at the base and are usually shed after the nuptial flight.
  • The deeper tints are, however, peculiar to the nuptial plumage, or are only to be faintly traced at other times, so that in winter the adults - and the young always - have a much plainer appearance, ashy-grey and white being almost the only hues observable.
  • The young queen, left in the old home, mounts high into the air for her nuptial flight, and then returns to the hive and her duties of egg-laying.
  • The nuptial horny asperities with which the males of many batrachians are provided, R$4 for the purpose of clinging to the females, will be noticed below, under the heading Pairing and Oviposition.

What's another word for nuptial?

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