Sentence Examples

  • This was at once an attack on Voltaire, who was giving theatrical representations at Les Delices, on D'Alembert, who had condemned the prejudice against the stage in the Encyclopedic, and on one of the favourite amusements of the society of the day.
  • Theatrical costumes and appliances are also made in Milan, which is an important theatrical centre.
  • He took the guitar a little above the fingerboard, arching his left elbow with a somewhat theatrical gesture, and, with a wink at Anisya Fedorovna, struck a single chord, pure and sonorous, and then quietly, smoothly, and confidently began playing in very slow time, not My Lady, but the well-known song: Came a maiden down the street.
  • Geneva had a law expressly forbidding theatrical performances in any circumstances whatever.
  • In 1792, together with Count Raday, he founded the first theatrical society at Buda.