Sentence Examples

  • The air was balmy, with a tang of the sea in it.
  • In the treasury of the emperors of the Tang dynasty.'
  • Of the Tsien-tang-Kiang, at the southern terminus of the Grand canal, by which it communicates with Peking.
  • The great Nara school of sculpture in wood was founded in the early part of the 11th century by a sculptor of Imperial descent named JOchO, who is said to have modelled his style upon that of the Chinese wood-carvers of the Tang dynasty; his traditions were maintained by descendants and followers down to the beginning of the 13th century.
  • It crosses the Himalayas by the Tang Pass (15,200 ft.), and thence proceeds via Gyantse (13,200 ft.) and the Kharo Pass (16,500 ft.), Yamdok Lake (15,000) to the Tsang-po (12,100 ft.), and crossing the river winds up along the Kyi Chu, on which Lhasa stands, 33 m.