Sentence Examples

  • Accordingly when Sapor II.
  • It was taken by Tigranes and destroyed by the Persian king Shapur (Sapor) I.
  • It was heroically defended against Shapur (Sapor) II., who unsuccessfully besieged it thrice.
  • He had already become master of the horse when in 383 he was sent by Theodosius (379-395) at the head of an embassy to the Persian king, Sapor III.
  • The importance of the former lies in the simple cast of his religious thought, his independence of theological formulas, his constant adherence to the letter of Scripture, his quaint exegesis, and the light he throws on the circumstances of his time, especially (i) the feeling between Jews and Christian, and (2) the position and sympathies of the Christian subjects of Sapor II.

What's another word for sapor?

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