Sentence Examples

  • They also offer level and decreasing life insurance, single and joint coverage, and can help you buy an insurance product tailor-made for specific additions based on your personal needs.
  • Even when the majority of men had their clothes tailor-made, the best suits could always be spotted by a discerning eye, and everyone knew this was a man of some stature.
  • You may find a unique garment for your child that not only fits him or her perfectly, but is also a fine quality piece that's tailor-made for a special event.
  • As of 2009, the 30 minute format seems tailor-made for the daytime drama and the show runners do not appear to be planning to change that any time in the future.
  • Dogs are a popular choice of animal for children's pet doctor kits, whether it's a soft, plush toy or a small item tailor-made for a doctor Barbie doll to treat.