Sentence Examples

  • If the couple prefers a more classically-designed cake, other Valentine's Day accents may be used as decorations or in other parts of the wedding festivities, such as customized heart favors or classic red roses in the bouquet.
  • While it is something of a technical challenge to learn how to use dreamweaver to edit Blogger templates, it's not as hard as it might seem, and the payoff is both a stunning customized blog and more knowledge of HTML and other web tools.
  • Even if you need no vision correction, just order UV protection (or choose polycarbonate lenses, which have built-in UV protection) and the tint you'd like-even gradient-and you'll have a pair of customized sunglasses for a small face.
  • Uniqueness: Princess wedding invitations are some of the most popular designs, and if couples want a more unique, customized look to their event they may want to consider more subtle options instead of blatant princess invitations.
  • Even couples interested in a simple diamond solitaire will be impressed with the amazing style range and customized service of specialized boutiques, making a visit to these stores well worthwhile when choosing an engagement ring.