Sentence Examples

  • Here we can only summarize the points of the investigation.
  • In what follows an attempt will be made to summarize the facts and indicate the conclusions to be drawn from recent experience.
  • We may now summarize the contents of the Conics of Apollonius.
  • It would take us too far to treat them at any length, but it may be convenient to summarize some of the results.
  • Thomson also developed this hypothesis in a profoundly interesting manner, and we may therefore summarize very briefly the views held on the nature of electricity and matter at the beginning of the 10th century by saying that the term electricity had come to be regarded, in part at least, as a collective name for electrons, which in turn must be considered as constituents of the chemical atom, furthermore as centres of certain lines of self-locked and permanent strain existing in the universal aether or electromagnetic medium.

What's another word for summarize?

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