Sentence Examples

  • It looks like she's too goody-goody to sue any­body, but I haven't given up yet.
  • The Lol maintains a fairly straight course east to about 28° E., when it turns north-east, and in about 282° E., 92° N., joins the Bahrel-Homr. The chief of the southern affluents, and that tributary of the Ghazal which contributes the largest volume of water, is the Jur, known in its upper course as the Sue, Swe or Souch.
  • Like Conde was content to draw aside the curtains for him to pass, and to sue for the hand of Richelieu's niece for his son, the "Great Conde."
  • One day someone is going to sue you for sure! she objected, pushing at the arm locked around her body with her good hand.
  • The plaintiff, even if he were under another lord, was obliged to sue in the court of the defendant's lord, and the portion of the fine ' F.

What's another word for sue?

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